Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Unexpected...

We love to find a good sofa and this one has meticulous charm...tufted, muted silver, rounded back and arms, mint condition. It is a rare find that has found a nice home in our store. Dressing up the sofa you see here a wonderful collection of toile pillows. Take a second look at those pillows however and you will see that they are not the usual pattern. After handcrafting the pillows, Valerie delicately added with her trusty needle and embroidery thread some "whimsy" to the very traditional pattern of the toile! This one has a hula skirted man playing a horn, bright blue fish in the basket and a little dancing dog in a pink tutu!
This toile is decked out with non other than crusty the Clown and horse sidekick in stripy tights! How clever is this? What a great addition to your traditional room. I am sure it will have your guests talking.
Come on by The Vintage-Flea where you come to expect the unexpected!

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