Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Help Wanted

Yes, we are in need of a few good women who are interested in working on Mondays and Saturdays. You know our store......a little fun.....a little funk......a little creative......a little of this and more. What we are looking for is a woman who can manage her way through our computer system, get to know our fabulous customers, sell a bunch of stuff to those customers, be willing to sweep if needed, clean the door if needed, be willing to help with re-arranging (Which you KNOW will happen if you work for us!), and a little more of this and less of that. That being something we will discuss once applying! So come on by and fill out an application, and let's see where we go from there!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I'm so sad I'll be leaving ya'll soon :-(
I'll be home to visit alot thought!
I'm curious... what's the "That"?