Thursday, April 03, 2008

Entry #2 Sandy Wisenbaker

What makes my house a home can be boiled down to a word: collections. Eachof us has our own collections that remind of us of something or that we justplain enjoy to look at/use. For us it is the books collected over the yearsthat now sit on shelves made by my husband, the ever growing collection ofphotos overtaking the wall like kudzu, the music collection that bringsdancing and laughter, the collection of matchbox and "Cars" cars hiddenunder the bed a little boy, an aspiring artist's growing collection ofartwork and projects, and my own obsession with pitchers and platters(accumulated from family, flea markets and fun shopping outings with my mom)that are functional when needed and displayed throughout when not. Whethercollecting "stuff" or collecting laundry on any given day - the collectionswithin our house are what make it our home.Sandy Wisenbaker

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southernjoy said...

Hi Sandy!
Fun to find you here... I love the glimpse into Kate's world. She seems like an amazing little artist!
(Patrick's mom)