Thursday, April 03, 2008

Entry #3 Cindy Hopper

1. Welcome to my home. I love to see children climbing in the cherry tree and my dog, Trudy, sticking her head out of the upstairs window (do you see her?). Olivia is on the red chair probably dreaming of beautiful things (mini me). Notice the basket on the front door? It is from my favorite store (yes, The Vintage Flea).2. Like Jenni, I live in a cottage and it is sometimes crowded. I have four kids, one husband, two cats, a dog and a chinchilla. A lot of souls in one place. Sometimes a girl just need a space of her own. This is my studio. Here I get to have complete control, or at least the others let me believe I do. This is the design base for my half of the company, Tallulahs. I like to think that this is "where the magic happens". 3. If you turn around in the studio, you'll notice the dining room. I bought this house from my girlfriend, Barbara (the other half of Tallulahs). She painted this room. It's perfect. Here is where the memories of sitting around the table with my family and talking over meals are created. My kids complain when they have to set the table in the dining room (the kitchen counter is so much faster!), but I think they really enjoy the time together. Notice the red chandelier? My husband, Doug, moved it from our old house as a gift to me for Valentine's Day. Now it makes me smile for more than just the happy color. Also notice the big table. I scored it at the Pottery Barn outlet and love the size. It seats up to twelve (though not in our dining room!). It will be our lake house table someday so the grandkids can come and enjoy talking over a meal. Anyone have a lake house to sell? Or a mountain cabin?Our dining room is also our library, you can't see the shelves off to the side. Lots of beautiful (and some not so beautiful) books get stored here. And sometimes read, too. 4. Next is my bathtub photo. This is where I meditate, dream, pray. Bathing is my every day indulgence (sometimes twice a day indulgence). The trees outside of my window bring a sense of peace and serenity, which I need with my busy life. Notice the inspiration board on the left? It is another gift from Doug. Since this is where I dream and pray, this is the perfect spot for it. The little pink lamp was in my childhood home. Blueprint was my favorite magazine. Did you know it has been discontinued? I still get a lump in my throat about that. 5. I had to throw in one more photo. My family (and 3 of our 4 pets) gathered on the deck after dinner. I just doesn't get much better than this.Thanks Jenni and Valerie for pushing me to see the beauty that is already there.Cindy Hopper

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