Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Little Playhouse

Most of you reading this blog know that we Flea Chicks are women of many talents and skills. Actually some skills are questionable, but we try which is most important. Valerie had this idea in her head for sometime about constructing a little house in the store. We've certainly got the room in our store for several little houses! So last week, while I was off on Wednesday, she did it. I had suspicions earlier in the day when I called, and sure enough on Thursday there it was in all its' adorable glory! You've got to come in and take a tour soon. You enter through this passage above.
In the house there is room for more than just a tea party!

Here is the back wall structure. It's just a wonderful addition to our store. It also is going to be a great site to see come Halloween time!

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