Saturday, August 16, 2008

Something in your pocket or you just happy to see me....

In your pocket watch that is... Here are some gorgeous little Sailor Valentines that I have been working on. I saw this idea almost 2 years ago at a gift boutique at the beach. The owner was asking $150 for each one. Me pay that kind of money!! Ha Ha. So with some tiny seashells, elmers glue, tweezers and lots and lots of patients.... viola. My little valentines are available at the shop for $20. What a steal. Oh and I have to mention some of our new products. We are gearing up for the Fall (even with 80+ degree temperatures). Many of you have been asking for the mini pumpkins. They are extremely hard to find this year due to the drought conditions from last year but have faith in this flea girl!! 54 bags are now available for your fall decorations.
We are going back to grandma's house this fall. Well I mean my French Grandmother Meme, that is. French inspired linens with red and white ticking stripes. Burlap pillows with French writing and 26" pillow covers with red & white and blue & white ticking. Oversized table runners and linen curtain panels. Brown wooden eggs in creamy white compotes.
Oh and my favorite... the market bag. We even offer a monograming service now for $10 on all of our linen merchandise. A bientot!

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