Monday, August 18, 2008

Saying Good-bye

I was at the store today packing up the art studio. It's hard to believe that what began as a little art studio on West Washington Street would grow into what is now a wonderful vintage inspired boutique and art studio on Greenville Street. I've not wanted to write this, I guess I was procrastinating because it will be my last one, and wanted to really think about what I would say. Most of you reading this blog right now are likely to know the story behind The Vintage-Flea. It started as a friendship while teaching Olivia art lessons almost 6 years ago. We began the journey of shop owners a little naive, bursting with energy and plenty of ideas. We've had amazing adventures during these years. Together we've been to New York City twice, Portland, Birmingham, Destin, and of course Atlanta. I have had more fun junkin' with Valerie than I have blogging space to share! More than anything over the past 4 years I have grown into the artist I am now. I have more self-confidence in my personal work and am so very happy to share my news with you. This has not been an easy decision for me to leave the Flea by any means. I've shed more tears than I can count over the past 6 months! After sharing my dreams and desires with Valerie on a Friday morning in May, she too saw the glint in my eye that was to be my future. After letting the news sink in, I think she too can see what the future holds for her with the business as I take leave. She has amazing plans! She confided in me before the Flea was even an idea, that owning a little French inspired store was her dream...and now she has just that. I am so happy I've been able to help her realize it.

Now don't get any funny ideas folks, we are still friends, yes we are. I can't imagine my life without her, and I am pretty sure she'd say the same for me. We've grown in so many ways over the past 6 years not only as business owners, but as mothers, wives, friends and artists. You've not seen the last of me for sure! As far as the art studio goes, she'll be hosting Ladies Night Out's, with a few guest artists and teaching some herself. Daly Lee is hopping on board to help with Birthday parties and summer camps, and I will be back next summer for some Thursday fun!
For now though, I'll be doing a little of this:

A lot of Mattie Paintings:

And hopefully tons of these:

For now you can see what adventures I am up to at my blog here, Mattie's Social Circle. I also have all my work for viewing on my flickr account. Also, look for Mattie in her Costume in the upcoming Holidays and Celebrations issue published by Somerset Magazine. For now, I say good-bye to you all, but only as a shop owner. I say hello to you all as a fellow customer of the Flea!

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