Monday, March 02, 2009

Happy Monday!

I have to admit not much was accomplished this past weekend. My daughter came down with the flu bug on Saturday so I babied her all weekend. Then on Sunday we woke up to an icy snow storm which is a wonderful treat in Atlanta. Somebody explain Global Warming to me?
But I did start thinking about some upcoming Ladies Night Out projects that I have had in mind. The first inspiration comes from a fabulous etsy artist Vintage by Crystal. I fell in love with her cotton spun creations a while ago. In fact our 2009 Christmas idea "A Nordic Noel" was born from seeing her designs.

I spent the weekend trying my hand at these little beauties. I am not done yet. They still need all the bells and whistles added to them (not to mention faces) so give me another week and I will post them along with a Ladies Night Out date to learn how to make them.

Another LNO idea coming soon will be these Byzantine Chain bracelets. Jenni Horne and I will be co-hosting an event at the Dogwood Gallery sometime in March. She asked me to start thinking of some jewelry ideas and I am stuck on this one. I hope she agrees.. it looks like a lot of fun to make.

Finally I am working on 3 new paintings but they are not ready to be photographed yet. Therefore, this post will have to be continued......

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