Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stairway to Heaven... not really

It all started with an idea I had after Christmas... why not turn the upstairs into a Brocante/Antique Mall? On a weekly basis I am asked where is the closest Antique Mall and I am sending people out of downtown Newnan to the only 2 malls that we have near us. The goal is to keep the customers downtown, right? So here we are in March and the construction has finally started.
This is the upstairs area that will eventually host 10 or more booths.

This is the opening to the upstairs area.. did you know that our building is the only one downtown with a cupola?

This is my nightmare... do you see the mess. It took 8 guys to unload the 35' long beams and one police officer to stop traffic so that they could do it.

They have to jack up the ceiling at least 5 inches... fortunately they have a machine for that and don't need my daughters help.

And finally these are the original stairs that will be put back into place. This process has taken a lot longer than any of us had imagined.. 2 days now the store has been closed. Thank you to everyone for your support. I can't wait to show the final results.


Southern Touch Catering said...

Oh YEAH!! Great idea Valerie. I'll be sure to spread the word.

Southern Touch Catering said...

PS. I have a picture of your house in the snow on my blog site (stcinc.blogspot.com)Under "It'a Snowing!"