Friday, March 12, 2010


What do you do when it is 9pm at night and you have just realized that you need to make a piece of art to give to the Fine Lines Art & Framing in the morning in order for it to be photographed for an upcoming issue in Lifestyles Magazine (our local magazine). I couldn't bring them something I had already done because the gallery needed it to be unframed. What do you do.. panic. That is exactly what I felt after a full day of work, picking up daughter from Annie rehearsals, taking her then to Tennis Lesson, and running through every drive thru in town because my kids can't agree on the SAME thing for dinner. Normally I would add Soccer practice into the mix but last night the fields were closed. So what did I do??
Take a little from this.. French Words ("Oiseaux" painting done in 2007)

and this.. Stacking circles ("Abyss" painting done in 2007)

and this.. Birds ("On a Line" Painting done in 2009)

To get this.. La Bonne Mere. This is actually done on paper, a neat little technique that I picked up this past weekend from my SEA girls. Our encaustic group gets together once a month to teach, inspire, and collaborate. La Bonne Mere will be available for purchase for $45 at the Fine Lines Art & Framing in downtown Newnan after today.

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Cindy at LottieBird said...

I love it.
I can't believe that was a quick painting. Thank goodness for muddy soccer fields!