Thursday, March 11, 2010

Early Birthday Gift

I was so excited to see my early birthday present waiting for me on my doorstep this afternoon when I got home. I fell in love with this book the moment I saw it in the La Vie Claire Magazine a few months ago.
Women and The Sea, Hearing the Siren's Song. 168 pages of gorgeous photography and inspirational stories from women who have been enchanted by the sea and who have built their lives around that passion. As I get older, I realize how much I took living by the beach for granted. I lived in Antigua as a wee little tot but remember fondly our house sitting on the cliffs looking over the ocean. My father would go down and get fresh lobster for dinner.
Here I am with my brother in Antigua.

The water was always crystal clear and beautiful. When we lived in the Philippines I remember the ocean being dark and scary to go into. The sand was pitch black. This is when I developed my crazy phobia for sharks. (story to ask me about next time you see me.)
Then we settled in Fort Lauderdale where I was a mere 20 minutes away but you could still smell the salty sea water on calm nights. That is the smell I miss the most being in Newnan.. almost 5 hours away from the closest beach!
I would highly recommend this book for anyone in love with the ocean. Just the beach photography alone has my head spinning with new encaustic painting ideas and color combinations. Off to the art studio I go.....

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