Thursday, June 10, 2010


Heading over to one of my favorite new stores in Serenbe today called Bloom. Sisters Lindsey and Lauren have got it going on for sure in this adorable, funky & eclectic shop featuring some of the neatest one of a kind items. Lindsey and Lauren do a great job searching
out the Indie Artist and want to have a shop filled with handmade, quality items.

I was honored to be asked to bring some paintings by to hang in their little paradise. Here are a few of my new ones headed their way..

I think they will like this one called Bloom. $275 Encaustic on Luan Board. 24"x16"

One of my favorites that will fit really well in the Serenbe Community is Lakeside. $275 Encaustic on Luan, 24"x16".

And another mini landscape. I've been selling lots of these lately. La Plage is $150, Encaustic on Luan board, 12" x 12".

Thanks Girls!!
If you are interested in any of these paintings, you can call the Bloom Shop at 770-629-1756.


dewgiesgirl said...

Love the "Bloom" encaustic. Absolutely beautiful!

Jenni Horne said...

I too love the white/black composition. It's even prettier in person!