Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Nesting is Done!

Our newest treasures were delivered first thing Monday am while Valerie and I were already in the process of a big "nesting" stage. After two days, our bodies tell us its' time to rest, and the store is beaming with a new look. We can't thank our Julie enough for walking into the craziness and diving right in without hesitation today. She always sees our vision without question! Here is a sneak peak of the re-arranged store. Thanks to all of you who came on by during this period of, well, the best word to use right this moment is a MESS! But through this mess came together a fabulous new look. We hope you see something in a new light that has to make it's way to your home asap! This little area is a little slice of the Bahamas I think. The china cabinet is full of capiz shell plates and soap dishes as well as soap and more shells. The gauzy canopy over the chair gives you the feeling of a cozy night on the beach. Makes me want to curl up and read a great novel by Hemmingway!

This chair is from the 1940's. It has this fabulous men's suit hounds tooth fabric on it. It had a matching sofa, but Sylivia came in within an hour of it being in the store and just had to have it for her craft room!

These adorable dresses have been in for awhile. We think they'd make great fall wardrobe additions. Add a little shrug or sweater hoodie and you are set for chilly nights. The cool thing about these dresses is no one in the Coweta/Fayette area is selling them but us.

Do you see the round table behind the wooden theater seats? This little baby has a beautiful leather top and the bottom, it spins around!

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