Friday, March 28, 2008

A Call For Entries!

Get out our camera and take your best shot! Here's what we are looking for: "What makes your house a home?" I got an e-mail from Anthropologie yesterday with that same question. It was an ad for their new home collection catalogue. I'm sure they'd say what makes your home is their $4,000 sofa, $100 accessories and more! Here at the Flea we know that what makes a home is more than just stuff, but stuff is nice. And we have tons of new items in to help make your house a home you want to really live in.

Here are the details for the contest:
1- It is open to anyone! And not just people with houses, I made my college apartments pretty darn homey back in the day.
2- E-mail us at least 3 images of what makes your house a home. send them to
3- With those images give us a brief reason why those elements make your house a home.
4- Look for them to be posted in our blog! Yep, our blog. I'll be posting all entries.
5- On April 18th, the night of Art Walk, we'll be putting all names in one big hat and drawing for a .............$50.00 gift card to the Flea! So let's see what you've got girls (and boys)!

Game on!

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