Friday, March 28, 2008

Entry #1- Heather Thompson

Okay readers! We've got a fast one here! This is Heather Thompson and here is what she has to say:

The main thing for me that makes my house a home is the people who live family!

The 2nd thing would have to be my kitchen table. It is really nothing special. In fact, it is starting to become quite tattered & probably in need of repair. My husband & I bought it when we got married and it has become a place where we now share meals (almost) every night w/ our 2 children. It has been a gathering place for many meals for our family as well as extended family throughout the years & has moved w/ us several times.

The last 2 pics are of my children's walls in their rooms. A dear friend of ours helped paint their rooms and we truly made them "their own" by putting my daughter's initials in hers & my son's same on his.

We considered moving at a point last year, but the hard work & love that went into creating these rooms would be hard to leave behind!

In all, what makes my house a home are our memories! :)

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